Intrabit Software House



Our offering includes innovative IT solutions for the financial sector, supporting asset management, investment fund accounting and reporting, transaction security and business process optimisation. Focused on the needs of the modern financial sector, we also provide tools for risk management, transaction monitoring and data analytics. Our solutions are designed to ensure maximum efficiency, security and compliance with current regulations, enabling our clients to successfully meet the challenges of today’s financial market.

An advanced fund accounting system accommodating versatile range of client types. Apart from delivering a world-class solution for fund accounting, our system facilitates the creation of mandatory Financial Reports for KNF and NBP and offers the functionality of the investement limits control (regulatory, statutory and internal requirements). It also offers a functionality of a transactional register (buy-sell transactions) adhering to MiFID regulations. Its modular architecture along with vast range of customizable parameters allow for almost "custom-made" implementations suiting the business needs of our customers. Integration with third-party applications and data sources is accomplished by a number of measures that include import and export mechanisms, dedicated interfaces and special reporting tools.
A comprehensive IT solution designed to suit the needs of Asset Management companies. It offers a complete functionality including mechanisms supporting Account Managers (CRM, Client Reports), Asset Management and Trading (Portfolio modeling, automated orders preparation, communication with broker systems), Back and Middle Office operations, Risk Control, etc.
An advanced tool designed to facilitate customer (fund investors, bondholders, investment companies' clients, brokers, etc.) and transaction registration for the purpose of performing reporting duties to GIIF (PEP and Sanction lists, risk assessment matrix, automated transaction filtering, customer behavior analyses, etc.).
Risk Monitoring And Control system designed for Funds Management Companies. It offers risk monitoring tools complying with the current guidelines and regulations of the Polish Ministry of Finance (Dziennik Ustaw RP dated 8.05.2013 - pos 536, 537 and 538).